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Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups)


DiSa Digital Safety Pte Ltd

Theft, whether by shoplifting or fraudulent product returns, is a common issue that retailers face. To help businesses – particularly those selling consumer electronic devices – reduce and prevent inventory losses, DiSa Digital Safety developed an anti-theft solution that can protect their business assets.

Known as the DiSa Asset Protection Benefit Denial (BD) Technology, the solution digitally locks electronic devices at the point of production. The lock can then only be released by a unique code provided to the customer through the official purchase receipt. The product cannot be used until payment has been made at retail stores.

This technology is aimed at tackling the so-called shrinkage, or loss of inventory, so that retailers can put their focus on sales. It also provides real-time inventory data for precise sales calculations and to help retailers determine fraudulent returns. The cost of implementing and keeping the mostly-automated and software-based BD Technology running is also relatively low. It is also highly scalable and is designed for omni-channel retail channels, be it brick-and-mortar or e-commerce.

The secured solution certified by cyber security platform Bugcrowd allows retailers to offer consumer electronic devices in non-assisted self-checkout options. It also paves the way for full technical support for manufacturers, retailers and consumers through BD Technology‘s online portal and code tracking.

“DiSa’s digitally secured innovation helps resolve supply chain threats with a capability to reduce retail shrinkage and return fraud by eliminating the reasons to steal.”

— Rao Baskara, Deputy CEO & COO, Infosys Compaz

BD Technology by DiSa Digital Safety is conferred with the Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups) award for its role in helping retailers ride the digital transformation wave. DiSa Digital Safety is becoming increasingly prevalent at the forefront of digital transformation and is ready to face the next challenge in Robotics and Intelligent Automation. One such example is the DiSa UVC Disinfection Robot, which recently demonstrated its automated capabilities to frontline staff at Alexandra Hospital.