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Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises)


Orange Business Services

In the biggest project of its kind in the history of Victoria, the Australian state government is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025. To do so, the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is leveraging automation and digital technologies with the aim to improve safety standards, increase productivity, and reduce costs through better utilisation of resources.

These advancements are made possible through Orange Business Services (Orange), a network-native digital services company known for its partnership with global businesses in areas such as software-defined networks, multi-cloud services, data and AI, smart mobility services, and cybersecurity.

The removal of level crossings – where a railway and a road, or two railway lines, cross at the same level – is carried out to improve safety for road users and pedestrians, boost traffic flow around the city for public transport users, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, and create jobs in the construction sector.

For LXRP and future critical infrastructure projects, the Victorian government wanted a digital transformation in the delivery of construction projects and sought to create a connected construction site using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and open source data.

By adopting Orange’s Connected Objects Platform, McConnell Dowell engineers and project managers of the LXRP were able to make alternative plans promptly when real-time traffic data gathered at work sites warned them of anticipated delays. This allowed LXRP to save two hours per week in terms of delivery time and costs.

On top of being adaptable to unique requirements at each site, the cost-effective solution offered by the platform also enabled enhanced communication through a seamless communications system, on-site sensors and open source data, which led to reduced congestion around the work sites.

“Orange Business Services has demonstrated the capability to utilise intelligent insights to help drive valued step changes in the delivery of critical infrastructure projects and to deliver digital disruption in the construction industry.”

— Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer,
Singapore Press Holdings Limited

On-site safety also improved as a result, thanks to access to video analytics data that alerted the LXRP team to potential safety breaches in restricted areas. In fact, the LXRP team managed to avoid a major security breach that would have resulted in a site shutdown during peak activity, thus saving the company AU$200,000.

For helping the Victorian Government in Australia set up and implement an end-to-end solution for digital transformation in the construction industry, starting with the LXRP, Orange is conferred the Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises) award.