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Human Capital Management


Sciente International

Shortage of the right human capital is a challenge that any company can face in today’s unpredictable economy, and it can certainly have repercussions on the long-term success and health of an organisation. Through working with its clients, tech talent management services provider Sciente International is keenly aware of this problem faced by Singapore-based corporations.

Sciente, as a responsible organisation, strives towards sustainability of social good with a mission of “delighted clients and community”. Therefore, in line with its goal to help its clients build better digital and technology teams, Sciente International has made significant investments to fund under social innovation efforts and create – a platform that aims to not only help organisations to hire the right personnel for their teams, but also to grow and develop talents in the IT industry.

On the platform, users – whether IT aspirants or experienced IT professionals – can receive free career guidance and personalised information to ensure that their professional skills are relevant with insights derived from live market demand analytics, experienced IT professionals and career coaches. Other value-added services include IT interview guidance and personalised answers to career questions. currently has about 35,000 professionals from Singapore and around the world using the site, over 100 career guidance coaches and more than 12,000 professionals exploring career path possibilities and personalised analytics.

“Sciente’s MyTechLogy platform is a potential game changer to connect the IT community by value-adding to the career aspirations of tech professionals and providing access to a curated tech talent pool for employers.”

— Alvin Ong, Chief Information Officer,
Centre for IT Services, Nanyang Technological University

Not only can help Sciente International better service its clients by identifying potential job candidates on the platform, it also enables more individuals to discover various career paths within the industry so as to build a long-term and sustainable community of IT professionals.

For providing an effective solution to bridge the tech talent gap and boosting the human capital of the wider IT community, Sciente International is accorded the Human Capital Management award.