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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Shuga Pte Ltd

Increased store footfall, greater customer engagement and data analytics: many retail stores share these objectives and seek an all-in-one AI-powered solution, but not every business has the resources to build these capabilities in-house. In 2017, artificial intelligence data company Shuga identified this pressing need and developed a single brand-agnostic platform that can be used for all types of retailers and brands.

The homegrown company developed the eponymous shopping rewards app and released it to the public in February 2018. For consumers, the Shuga app functions as a tool that offers rebates when they visit partner stores, scan featured products, and snap a receipt. The app then collects data and turns it into actionable insights for businesses.

The insights gleaned from transactions and the users’ interactions with different products and brands are used by Shuga’s partners to further refine their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to drive more footfall and returning customers through automated rewards and campaigns.

Thanks to an AI component, the Shuga app successfully integrated the customer acquisition and customer relationship management (CRM) journeys onto a single platform. Businesses can use data – in the form of users’ receipts, locations, spending behaviours, and more – collected by the app to segmentise their audiences. This can help merchants ensure that they reach out to the right customer groups during campaigns and achieve higher conversion rates.

“Shuga has made it possible for any type of business to leverage on its industry data to increase sales and to allow merchants to look outside of their own businesses. By eliminating the need to hire business intelligence/data analysts, it has proven that both small and big business owners can benefit from its platform.”

— Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer,
Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Since its release, Shuga has seen great achievements. Six in 10 Shuga users who visit its partner stores end up making a purchase. It has also clocked in 286,870 verified visits.

Today, Shuga is working with shopping malls, large retail groups, healthcare companies, petroleum companies, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Thanks to its solution that helps businesses easily connect with their customers, Shuga has been bestowed the Customer Relationship Management award.