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Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups)


A.MGR Co Pte Ltd

In a country such as Singapore with its high levels of computer literacy and solid technological infrastructure, putting a digital transformation strategy in place is a relatively easy task. However, in a country like Myanmar that only opened up to the world in 2011 after five decades of military rule, digital transformation can be a ponderous process.

In this regard, A.MGR’s success has been nothing short of extraordinary. Through its partner Myanmar Golden Rock, A.MGR has become a major player in driving office automation and digital transformation in Myanmar. The company has delivered digital projects for the top 3 telecom companies and most of the 30 banks in the country, a testament to its robust capabilities.

One of its most successful projects to date is its business intelligence and data lake implementation project with Myanmar’s incumbent telco operator, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). It had 24 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2019. But MPT was grappling with the burden of outdated processes, old infrastructure and legacy personnel.

A.MGR worked closely with MPT, to create an enterprise open source platform with advanced data analytics capabilities so that it could have a 360-degree view of all its customers data to not only serve them better, but make better business, marketing and financial decisions.

A.MGR built a hyper-converged hybrid cloud infrastructure with a platform capable of crunching terabytes of data for MPT daily. This system allowed MPT to reduce its dependency on external vendors and move its technological capabilities in-house, which guarantees a certain level of reliability in its services. MPT’s employees also gained digital skills and knowledge to operate the new age systems.

“A.MGR Co Pte Ltd has digitally transformed outdated legacy processes and systems by using advanced business intelligence capabilities to drive actionable insights. Having data driven decision making capabilities today is critical for sustainable operating models.”

— Tinku Gupta, Chief Technology Officer,
SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited)

One of the beneficial side effects to A.MGR’s success in Myanmar is the reputation it has managed to build for Singapore technology brands. A less-developed market such as Myanmar presents multiple opportunities for growth that Singapore-branded companies can capitalise on to build their overseas portfolio. Thanks to A.MGR, this is now possible.