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Digital Innovation (Established Enterprises)



Managing 30,000 vehicles and 600,000 fleet bookings may seem like a huge feat to many, but it is business as usual for PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). It hasn’t, however, always been the case for the transport solutions and logistics services company. In the past, the Indonesian transportation leader faced challenges keeping up with crucial operational data on its fleet management system and suffered from shrinking revenues due to increased competition from more agile market entrants.

SERA undertook transformational initiatives to solve its key business challenges and built Astra Fleet Management Solution (astraFMS) with support from Accenture. astraFMS is an innovative integrated solution to lower operational costs, improve maintenance and capitalise on new growth opportunities in the region to create additional revenue streams.

“Creating an end-to-end fleet management solution was really critical for our business. It has helped us pull ahead of our competitors and position SERA as an innovative partner in the new mobility services ecosystem,” says Yosafat Siregar, president director of PT Serasi Autoraya.

The astraFMS covers three key pillars: vehicle, operations and driver management. The Internet-Of-Things-driven system allows SERA to track vehicle and asset data in near real-time, have instant access to actionable insights and facilitate integration with other systems. These capabilities aid in improving the management of a vehicle’s life cycle. Operationally, an omni-channel approach was introduced to integrate a whole range of processes, including fleet booking and scheduling, onto a single platform which vastly improved efficiency. astraFMS has in-built capabilities that allowed them to churn fleet reports – an effective tool that helped management gather information regarding the productivity of fleet trips in an instant, thereby improving utilisation and the ability to serve additional orders.

“The Astra Fleet Management Solution not only digitally transformed fleet operations of PT Serasi Autoraya via real time tracking, but also transformed the overall business. This has created a comparative advantage for the company with new revenue streams.”

— Peter Quek, Chief Information Officer,
Land Transport Authority

Being data-driven, SERA is able to better understand consumer needs and drive growth through innovative and value-driven services. As the solution was built on an open, scalable architecture, astraFMS has a strong foundation for SERA to continue to devise disruptive solutions and services, and to seize new opportunities for growth. Within a year of launching astraFMS, SERA onboarded 28 new customer fleets and is expected to bring another 30,000 vehicles onto its new platform. With this collaboration, Accenture is accorded the Digital Innovation (Established Enterprises) award.