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Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises)



When Capgemini entered into a partnership with Celcom Axiata, it blazed a trail of transformations for the mobile operator, which has provided services to over 98 per cent of Malaysia’s population for 31 years. It provided Celcom with the tools to implement new ways of engaging customers and to transform itself into a more agile telco business.

Capgemini took less than a year to build and implement a series of web portals and mobile applications to help Celcom meet the needs of a more digital customer base and streamline its operations. These included a new centralised web portal to deliver information about plans and devices in a speedier and more accessible format, a new “Celcom Life” mobile application that simplified and integrated two existing retail mobile apps into a single experience, the creation of an e-store, and a new “Celcom Pulse” mobile application for enhanced retail operations.

“This was one of the most complete digital transformation journeys. It included not only a new digital touch point for its customer but a digitally transformed customer service journey and a more agile way of working for the staff.”

— Derek Gooh, Chief Information Security Officer,
Government Technology Agency Singapore

Capgemini also offered Celcom a programme of transformation best practices and a set of training modules related to the new digital processes, so that the telco’s employees could adapt to new ways of working quickly and gain the knowledge to capitalise on these new tools.

Since Celcom’s digital transformation, there have been 1.6 million new unique users for its mobile applications and a 25 percent increase in operational efficiency. For driving Celcom’s impressive digital transformation journey, Capgemini is conferred the Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises) award.