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China Broadband

Wilmar International’s digital transformation journey hit a roadblock in 2016 when it faced problems rolling out Office365 to its China offices. Incompatible tech infrastructure was a major obstacle in the integrated agribusiness company’s global digitalisation roadmap that would underpin bigger plans for growth and expansion in an increasingly data-driven age.

As one of Asia’s leading integrated agribusiness companies, Wilmar International’s global reach spans 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering over 50 countries and regions, including China, India and Indonesia. The massive Chinese market is one of Wilmar’s most important markets, accounting for 60 percent of group earnings, and its largest growth market.

To overcome the roadblock, Wilmar’s China subsidiary Yihai Kerry Arawana tapped into the expertise of network service provider/telecommunications provider China Broadband Communications (CBC).

The asset-light CBC was selected to be the wide area network (WAN) and cloud provider for Wilmar International’s offices across the world, including China, for the following reasons: its customer-focused approach, agility in delivering its services, and a wide range of services offered – such as One-Stop-Shop service, Single Point of Contact and Single Point of Accountability for the whole of China – at competitive prices.

By enabling the installation of Office365 in all of Wilmar’s China offices and globally, CBC became an invaluable partner in helping Wilmar upgrade, enhance and integrate existing platforms across markets, among other business goals.

“CBC has proven that it has the capability to drive digital transformation for businesses with its extensive range of solutions and services; from consultancy to internet services and critical infrastructure integration. Of commendable mention was how they successfully delivered on Digital Transformation for Wilmar International.”

— Glen Francis, Chief Technology Officer,
Singapore Press Holdings Limited

For its role in helping Wilmar successfully roll out Office365 in China and globally, CBC became Wilmar’s APAC WAN and global WAN provider and cloud provider in 2018. It also became the sole WAN provider for Wilmar on a global basis in 2019.

As a result of the successful implementation of Wilmar’s digitalisation and cloud-first strategy, CBC is conferred the Solutions award for Connectivity.