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Connectivity and Infrastructure Management


Citrix Systems

Having delivered on successful outcomes over 31 years, Citrix’s effectiveness culminated in its latest accomplishment: clinching awards in two categories at The Peak’s inaugural Tech Laureates 2020.

In the category of Infrastructure Management, Citrix worked with a telco to align the cloud transformation strategies for both the telco and one of its overseas subsidiaries. It implemented three projects as part of this push, one of which was focused on offshore call centres – allowing secure access to customer and enterprise data in real time, while ensuring compliance with personal data protection laws.

A second project dealt with CRM modernisation, which covered challenges in incompatibility between development and production environments, by drilling down into work processes to deliver on systems integration, stability and agility.

The third project was focused on contextual security access in multi-vendor environments, which essentially allowed the telco to onboard third-party vendors in as little as a day, while ensuring a consistent experience. As sensitive data is often exposed in transit, Citrix’s solutions were trained on providing enhanced security and reliability in access to confidential information across different countries.

In the category of Connectivity, Citrix worked with a leading airline to roll out a Robotics Process Automation solution, with the goal of improving IT efficiency and enhancing customer experiences. Their partnership represented the first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) pool win in the Asean market for Citrix.

The Citrix ADC pooled capacity is a licensing framework that comprises a bandwidth pool and a virtual instance pool that’s served by Application Delivery Management. From this common pool, each Citrix ADC in a data centre automatically checks out one virtual instance licence and only as much bandwidth as necessary. Users can therefore manage bandwidth without impacting traffic – which is further aided by the fact that licences are transferable between instances, and released to other ADC platforms when not required.

“Citrix has delivered a secured and integrated workspace and connectivity solution. This demonstrates its superiority in application delivery for access on any device anywhere and anytime.”

— Sam Wai Keong, Head of IT, Hyflux Ltd

Coupled with Citrix’s virtual apps and desktops, the sum of all its products helped in predictive maintenance of the aircraft fleet, which resulted in massive cost benefits. Citrix also helped in creating a personalised flight experience – for instance, a frequent flier can seamlessly resume watching a movie that he did not finish, on a subsequent flight. In short, Citrix’s solutions bridged workspace and application access requirements for operational agility.