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Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises)


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Adapting to and keeping up with rapid technological changes is more important than ever. When one of Thailand’s leading state-owned banks wanted to simplify its end-to-end business processes while making them more efficient, it needed to find a service provider capable of supporting the traditional bank in its digital transformation. After all, it is no easy feat to meet the demands of a bank with over 1,200 branches and that also supports government initiatives such as education and computer loans in its operations. But Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) stepped up to the challenge.

The bank’s digital transformation process had several hurdles to overcome. Its legacy infrastructure was too outdated to support a cloud-ready core banking solution and required a complete software migration. The budget allocated for a new software solution was also limited.

With these hurdles in mind, HPE Pointnext Services – a team that advises and helps customers accelerate their digital transformation – got down to work. Partnering with a local systems integrator (SI) who specialises in digital banking solutions, HPE helped develop a core banking application that allows the bank and its branches to operate through a centralised system.

The new banking solution is based on a “pay as you use” infrastructure – dubbed HPE GreenLake – where the client only needs to pay for what they have utilised. This helped to save costs without compromising efficiency of the new system.

The HPE GreenLake model and core banking application worked together to generate a so-called software as a service (SaaS) model that allows the bank to lower its upfront costs on system migration, gain quicker accessibility and achieve easier integration and scalability of its digital processes based on the customer’s needs.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has once again demonstrated agility and forward thinking in supporting their customer in digital transformation. Being a neutral player rather than one with a vested cloud solution, it can be relied upon to give transparent and honest opinion that has the customer’s interest at heart.”

— Linus Tham, Group Chief Information Officer,
Parkway Pantai Limited

Thanks to HPE, the bank was able to seamlessly move its legacy infrastructure into the cloud within budget and with minimal disruptions. The successful migration not only strengthens the bank’s competitiveness, but also serves as a model for other banks in the region.

For its innovative delivery of a cloud-ready core banking solution that facilitates the digital transformation of one of Thailand’s leading banks, HPE is conferred the Digital Transformation (Established Enterprises) award.