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Human Capital Management


International SOS

While training and practice sessions are crucial for athletes preparing for their overseas sporting events, plenty of other non-athletic work is essential to ensure the safety of athletes – one of which is travel risk management.

During SEA Games 2019, International SOS was enlisted to ensure that the best medical and security coverage were provided for Team Singapore athletes and their support team. With extensive traveling expected across the various sporting venues in the Philippines, location visibility of Team Singapore athletes and their support team was extremely crucial to ensure accountability of their status. With International SOS’ innovative travel visibility technology, this enabled Team Singapore athletes and supporting staff to identify and locate team managers in real-time, which prevented any unexpected deviations in itineraries.

During the games, International SOS also made use of an application, the Assistance App, offering athletes and support team 24/7 access to doctors, nurses, logistic coordinators and security teams. The app also provided security and medical alerts with actionable advice to safeguard the health and safety needs of athletes and their support team in case of emergencies.

International SOS is in the business of saving lives, protecting organisations and their people from health and security threats. Through International SOS’ wide-reaching data monitoring technology, local social and environmental conditions can be identified ahead of time, pro-actively keeping the team safe while overseas. In the event of an emergency, International SOS’ mass communication technology will facilitate multi-modal communications to ensure prompt assistance is provided.

“The project demonstrates well-thought-out processes and good adoption of technology to manage communication and people visibility during crises and incidents.”

— Joshua Woon, Chief Technology Officer,
Challenger Technologies Limited

For leveraging technology to provide an all-rounded risk-management solution and ensuring peace of mind for Team Singapore athletes and their support team while abroad, International SOS is conferred the Human Capital Management award.