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LogRhythm Singapore Pte Ltd

One of the components of Singapore’s thrust to become a Smart Nation is to outfit the 110,000 lamp posts on the island with a network of smart cameras and sensors, turning them into “smart lamp posts”. These lamp posts will then be capable of capturing huge amounts of data – from tracking vehicle speeds to performing crowd analytics and anti-terror operations, these “smart lamp posts” would play an important role in Singapore’s future urban planning.

However, these treasure troves of data also entice black hat hackers to attempt to steal them in order for personal or corporate gain. Singapore’s reputation as a highly connected country also makes it a prized target for these bad actors. After a global search, Singapore chose LogRhythm’s SIEM system to protect the “smart lamp posts” network and protect it from future attacks.

A project of this magnitude usually takes up to eight months to complete. LogRhythm managed to accomplish it in less than two weeks. In the process, it saved the government agency 200 professional services man days.

Shortly after implementation, the team was able to detect the cyber threats targeting the network and act decisively. At the same time, LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management enabled the team to blacklist global IP addresses that had been found trying to access the servers. What sets LogRhythm’s SIEM system apart is its ability to add context to the captured log and the audited data. For example, it can recognise when a new IP address is not a threat, but just a verified user accessing the data from a new source. All of these actions, and more, can be done through a single and streamlined window.

“LogRhythm has enabled the SOC team to rapidly response to threat detection and remediation. The SIEM solution has proven to be a critical tool for the SNSP project.”

— Sam Wai Keong, Head of IT, Hyflux Ltd

LogRhythm is now working on phase two of the “smart lamp posts” project, adding new functionalities that include case management automation and smart response automation. At the same time, LogRhythm understands that cybercriminals are always evolving and using better methods, and it too therefore has to stay one step ahead.