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Menlo Security

Most cybersecurity programmes rely on the detection and response approach to fight web malware and phishing. But for California-based web security company Menlo Security, it seeks to fully eliminate cybersecurity risks on web pages, e-mails and documents to prevent malware from reaching the end users, therefore providing 100 per cent web security for its partners and clients.

Menlo Security has partnered with communications company M1 in Singapore to provide end-user cybersecurity protection for M1 employees via its Isolation Platform. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform is a tool that reviews all web traffic to take out any malware and isolate any dangerous content on the web page before it even reaches the user’s device.

Since using the platform, M1 has seen a reduction in requests involving cybersecurity updates and patching, and a drop in remediation rates, which, in turn, have resulted in lowered costs for the company.

More importantly, M1 employees have been able to enjoy peace of mind while surfing the web, knowing that the company’s network offers enhanced security from web-borne malware attacks, including drive-by attacks and watering-hold attacks. M1 employees now have access to all websites, both categorised and unverified, with a guarantee from the Isolation Platform that a visit to any of the sites would not pose a security threat to the company.

“Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform is cybersecurity made easy. It offers quick deployment with the cloud service and immediate protection against malware and phishing.”

— Sam Wai Keong, Head of IT, Hyflux Ltd

Menlo Security is conferred the CyberSecurity award for delivering a strong defence against cyberattacks to companies and organisations in need of safeguarding from and for beefing up the current cybersecurity infrastructure.