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Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups)



For patients seeking care at hospitals, receiving a large bill at the end of their treatment can be a rude shock. Not only is providing accurate bill estimates for patients crucial to overall customer satisfaction, it can also impact the retention of patients in the long run.

To counter this issue, the team of scientists, experts and technologists at healthcare startup UCARE.AI developed an AI-Powered Pre-Admission Cost of Hospitalization Estimation, also known as APACHE.

With the information gathered from a patient’s medical condition, age, revisit frequency, existing conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as medical procedures that would be involved, APACHE’s machine-learning capabilities can improve the accuracy of treatment cost estimates and offer personalised predictions based on patient profiles.

With highly accurate real-time cost estimates, patients will be more empowered to make informed decisions on the medical treatment options available within their budget. Increased certainty and transparency in hospitalisation would also build greater trust between patients and healthcare providers. And with fewer complaints and real-time bill estimates, staff productivity will also increase.

“UCARE.AI has created transparency to provide accurate pre-admission cost estimation for patients as a leading indicator to treatment options which will be useful to both patients and hospitals to align expectations.”

— Tinku Gupta, Chief Technology Officer,
SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited)

APACHE has been implemented in four major hospitals – namely Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Novena, Gleneagles and Parkway East. Since going live, UCARE.AI has reported zero downtime and complaints, and achieved 82 percent predictive accuracy. APACHE has also closed the average gap between estimated and actual bills by 60 per cent.

For its innovative, first-of-its-kind AI solution that improves a hospital’s overall operational efficiency while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction, UCARE.AI is conferred the Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups) award.